Used and Vintage Electrics

Danelectro DC-3 circa. 2000s $450

It comes complete with sparkle finish, three pickups, 6 position switch, and a “blow switch”. What’s not to like?

Yamaha SGV300, 2000 $695

For those who like things to be different, here you go! It features an alder body, maple neck, 3-pickups, and unique vibrato.

2012 PRS Custom 24 Artist Package $4,150

This is a stunning PRS with an ultra 10 top, root beer finish, rosewood neck, fancy bird inlays, and gold hardware. MC, HSC.

1990 PRS Custom 24 Bonni Pink $8,500

This amazing guitar is in the extremely rare Bonni Pink finish made for longtime PRS friend and associate Bonni Lloyd. Includes a second backplate signed by Lloyd. MC, HSC.

Fender Player Stratocaster, 2021, blue metallic, alder body, C-shape neck, 2-point trem bridge, NMC, GB $650

Fender Standard Telecaster, 1983 $1199

This USA guitar was the predecessor to the American Standard series. It features the original top loaded string bridge.

Fender Stratocaster, 1979 hard tail $2400

A very excellent example of a late 70s Stratocaster in original condition.

PRS Custom 24 1988 – whale blue, rotary switch, sweet switch, one volume, bird inlays, EC, HSC $3750.

PRS Custom 24 1990 – scarlet red, rotary switch, one volume/tone, bird inlays, EC, HSC $3750.

PRS Custom 24 1990 – vintage yellow, rotary switch, sweet switch, one volume, bird inlays, gold hardware, EC, HSC $3750.

Gretsch Model 7575 Country Club 1975

17-inch arch top, maple body, spruce top, long tailpiece, Baldwin neck joint, VGC, HSC $1995.

Vega C-71 Dual Tron 1940’s

This blonde, non-cutaway, 16 inch, electric archtop is pretty cool. It has a large tortoise guard, plastic covered pickup, and volume/tone controls mounted to the tailpiece. EC, HSC $2195.