Electric Solid Bodies

Fender 62 Reissue Jazzmaster recent – The Jazzmaster has quite a small devoted following among the younger players locally. This one is finished in Olympic White with a tortoise style pickguard. The offset wrist on the body makes this a very comfortable guitar to sit with. The larger pickups have a warmer character meant to entice the jazz guitarist. MC, OHSC $1995.

Fender Musicmaster 1958 – Currently being inspected by our repair man. Stay tuned! VGC, GB $INQUIRE.

Fender Mustang 1966 – Here’s a cool old guitar. The original white finish shows wear and checking. The slide switches have been replaced, the trem bar is missing, non-original case, but otherwise everything else is original. GC, HSC $1295.

Fender Freddie Tavares Aloha Stratocaster 1994 Number 1 of 153 – A tribute to one of Leo Fender’s longtime employees. The hollow aluminum body features an anodized finish with Hawaiian scene graphics. It features all the paper work, plus a deluxe custom blue leather gig bag and a special SKB molded flight case. MC OGB and OHSC $15,000.

Ibanez JS2000 2002 – A Joe Satriani limited edition in Champagne Gold and a unusual stop piece with fine tuners with a locking nut. EC, GB $695.

Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker 2000 – A recent issue of one of Gibson’s student model guitars. Solid mahogany body/neck with a satin ebony finish, single cutaway, one single coil pickup, and one volume/tone setup. EC, GB $395.

Ovation Deacon 1973 – Yes, Ovation made solidbody electric guitars back then. Now you know why they don’t anymore! But there are collectors for these guitars because of their unique features. The “battle axe” shape, the “huge” single coil pickups that look like a humbuckers, and the preamp boost was pretty hi-tech stuff back then. EC-, HSC $1595.

PRS Custom 24 Bonni Pink 1990 – This amazing guitar is in the extremely rare Bonni Pink finish made for longtime PRS friend and associate Bonni Lloyd. stunning flame maple top. Includes a second backplate signed by Bonni. MC, HSC $8500.

PRS Custom 24 Artist Package 2012 – This is a stunning PRS with an ultra 10 top under a root beer brown finish, rosewood neck, fancy bird inlays, and gold hardware. MC, HSC $4150.

PRS Standard 1994 – It has a surf green finish on a all-mahogany body, and moon inlays. Very unique and cool looking. EC, HSC $2395.

Taylor T5z Classic 12-string 2016 – A great electric 12-string guitar with all mahogany construction and excellent playability. EC, GB $1095.

Yamaha SLG130NW Silent Guitar 2014 – The first edition of Yamaha’s innovative Silent Guitar series of electric-acoustic, nylon stringed, solidbody models. It’s detachable “wings” go neatly inside the instruments carrying bag. The main body features a mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, maple center block, and the SRT preamp system. NMC, GB $595.