Electric / Acoustic Bass Instruments

Epiphone Viola Bass 2012 – Okay, all you Fab Four fanatics. You know why this bass is still being made today. Cause the original Hofner bass is big bucks! This bass is lightweight and has that “vibe”. EC, HSC $249.

Epiphone B4 Acoustic Double Bass circa. 1960 – This upright bass was produced by the Gibson company just about the time that Gibson acquired the Epiphone company. VGC, GB $1795.

Fender 62 Reissue Precision Bass recent – The Precision Bass changed popular music with it’s introduction in 1957. Back then it resembled the Telecaster with it’s slab ash body and maple neck/finger board. The 1962 version took it’s cue from the Stratocaster with it’s contoured body shape, maple neck, rosewood finger board, and a split coil pickup design. MC, HSC $1495.

Fender Modern Player Dimension Bass 2014 – A different look for Fender with a slightly wider lower bout and a single triple coil pickup. Need a no nonsense bass? This one fits the bill nicely. EXC, NC $225.

Ibanez SR300 DX Bass 2004 – Here’s a great bass to start off with. It features dual pickups with active preamp controls for maximum sound. EC, GB $225.