Alvarez Yairi CY-116 1980 – This is very nice looking classical guitar. It uses burled mahogany for the sides/back and a solid cedar top for a responsive tone. EC, HSC $795.

Collings OM-2K 1996 – After being in improper storage for years, this custom OM has been cleaned up and properly setup to it’s present glory. It features some very nice AAA grade Hawaiian Koa sides/back and a Sitka spruce soundboard. VGC+, HSC $3495.

Goodall Grand Concert Rosewood 2017 – James Goodall has been building fine guitars forever it seems like. I remember being a dealer for his wonderful instruments when he was based on the Big Island in Kailua-Kona. This is a staple guitar in his line. A small bodied finger picking dream with Indian rosewood side/back and a cedar top. Incredibly powerful for it’s size. MC, HSC $4995.

Guild F5ce NT 1994 – A working musician’s best friend. A small thin rosewood body with a cutaway, solid spruce top, and a Fishman pickup system makes this guitar a performer you can depend on at the gig. VGC, HSC $650.

Martin D-35 2018 – Lots of great pre-owned Martins in stock right now. This one is a good one. Described by it’s previous owner as a “closet queen”, it has no wear and tear on it and plays beautifully. It is part of the “re-imagined” Standard series introduced last year, so it has all the upgrades. Again, this a mint condition D-35 that’s a only a year old at a fantastic price! NMC, HSC $1895.

Martin OMC-28e 2019 – What’s up with this guitar? Well, a customer did purchase this guitar brand new from us. He’s owned it for about 4 weeks. He brought it back in for a setup, fell in love with another Martin guitar that just arrived, and traded it back in. Needless to say, this guitar is in great condition. If you want a cutaway OM with a pickup system for a super price, get down here now! EC, HSC $2495.

Martin OOO-28EC 2012 – Eric Clapton’s preference for Martin guitars is well known and Martin likes Eric enough to produce 10 signature guitar models for him. This model was based on a couple of vintage Martins in Mr. Clapton’s collection. The short scale OOO body, soft V-shaped neck, rosewood sides/back and a spruce top makes this an ideal fingerstyle instrument. EC, HSC $2495.

Martin Custom 2007 – This is one you’ll want to play in person. It was built by the Custom Shop as a OOO-45 style, 14 fret with Indian rosewood sides/back. The “Custom” part of the guitar was a request for a solid one-piece mahogany neck. Well, they don’t make a standard OOO-45 anymore and this one is priced to make you think about it seriously. EC, HSC $5695.

Santa Cruz Tony Rice Pro 2000 – An upgraded version of the Santa Cruz company’s most revered signature model. Aside from the usual large sound hole and wider neck width, the addition of Brazilian rosewood sides/back with European spruce top gives this guitar power beyond belief! EC, HSC $9500.

Shanti D3 1986 – Shanti Guitars started in 1984 and are built by luthier Michael Hornick. This one is a dreadnaught with solid koa sides/back, solid spruce top, ebony fingerboard/bridge. EC, HSC $INQUIRE.

Takamine EF-360c 1984 – An older 360 from the early 80s equipped with the old 3-band EQ system, solid spruce top, laminated rosewod sides/back. GC, NC $350.

Taylor NS-24ce 2011 – An early edition of a Taylor nylon string series. The grand auditorium body is laminated rosewood with a solid spruce top, cutaway, with a pickup. GC, GB $495.

Taylor 214ce 2017 – The 200 series Taylor guitars are a great combination of features and value. This 214ce features a solid spruce top, laminated koa sides/back, cutaway, and a ES pickup system. This one is for the working musician who needs a great playing guitar that also looks great. EC, GB $695.

Taylor 312ce FLTD Koa 2012 – If you always wanted a koa Taylor guitar, but the prices are holding you back. Here is your chance. This Grand Concert acoustic-electric steel string was a limited run featuring solid Hawaiian koa sides/back and solid spruce top. EC, HSC $1500.

Taylor 552ce 12 fret 2016 – This is just another prime example of why Taylors are the best playing 12-string guitars on the market. This short scale, small bodied mahogany guitar with a cedar top is so sweet sounding. With it’s ES2 pickup and cutaway, you could play the whole gig and not break a sweat! NMC, HSC $1595.

Taylor 714ce 2016 – This model is one of the most popular Taylor guitars we sell new. So, to get a used one in stock is rare, but here it is! The grand auditorium cutaway body, rosewood sides/back, cedar top, and ES2 pickup makes this a hard to beat fingerstyle instrument. EC, HSC $1995.

Taylor 814ce 2015 – This guitar is among the best selling guitars in the country. It’s versitility in all types of music and playing styles make this one stand out. Compared to a 714ce, the maple bindings make the 814ce a little fancier and the Sitka spruce top gives it a bit more volume. EC, HSC $2395.

Taylor 914ce 2005 – A custom ordered Taylor grand auditorium with the standard appointments, rosewood sides/back and Sitka spruce top. However, it was ordered as a LEFT handed instrument with RIGHT handed stringing or “lefty strung righty” as we like to say. VGC, HSC $1750.

Yamaha GC-7 Classical 1980 – The Grand Concert series from Yamaha was an attempt to offer a handmade nylon string at a reasonable price. The GC-7 is in the middle of the line with a solid spruce top and rosewood sides/back. Rich and dark like your first cup of coffee in the morning. EC, HSC $795.