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Fishman Acoustic Pro/Acoustic Monitor Amplifiers 1999  -  The acoustic boom of the 90's spurred manufacturers to push the envelope of technology to create new products to meet the needs of the acoustic performer.  The Fishman company entered the acoustic amp market and created the Acoustic Pro - a three channel 270 watt mighty mite with pristine digital effects and many professional features that make life on the road a little easier to deal with.  Coupled with the 270 watt Acoustic Monitor, you had the ultimate PA system for the solo acoustic guitarist.  The Acoustic Pro pair retailed close to $3500 when it was new.  Selling the pair together with one gig bag.  EC, GB $1395

Fishman SA220 Solo Amp 2011 - Always pushing the envelope, Fishman puts a 2 channel, 220 watt acoustic tower of power in the hands of the solo musician.  Reverb, effects loop, etc.  It comes with a mounting stand and carrying bag.  EC, GB  $749.

Marshall MG100HCFX 2000 - It has a 100 watt power rating with four switchable voicings, plus reverb and digital effects. It is one of the best 100 watt solid state amps you will ever play and at a price that won't break the bank. EC $250.

Marshall 1960a 4x12 Cabinet - It has a 300 watt power rating with it's four Celestion G12T-75 and can be run in mono or stereo. This is the most popular guitar cabinet in the world and the industry standard. VGC+ $575.

Marshall 425a 4x12 Cabinet - It has a 100 watt power rating with it's four Celestion G12c-25 Greenback and can be run in mono or stereo. Marshalls are the most popular 4X12 guitar cabinet in the world and the industry standard.  EC $625.

Marshall JCM 800 Model 2203 - This 100 watt head was the most popular rock amp in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  The heavy rock/metal groups really liked it's tight bass response and top end treble to cut through the mix.  EC $1395.

Vox TB35C1 Bruno 2001  -  Designed by American boutique amp builder Tony Bruno, this 35 watt amp is powered by four 6V6 tubes and voiced more like a American amp. Other features include a master volume bypass, a bass boast, "Macho" mode, and a tube driven reverb circuit. The original Celestion G12-65 speaker was replaced with a Mesa Boogie Black Shadow Celestion C90 speaker.  EC $795.