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Aria Pro II FA-71 2002 - A very nice Johnny Smith-style 17 inch archtop,  It features maple side/back, spruce top, and a floating pickup with controls mounted on the pickguard.  EC, HSC $895.

Epiphone Deluxe Zephyr Regent circa 1947
- An interesting example of a Epiphone archtop from the 1940s.  A 17 inch maple body with a hand carved spruce top and cutaway.  The single replacement P90 pickup in the center position is coupled with a volume/tone control.  VGC NC  $1995.


Gibson CS-336F 2011- "Stunning" doesn't quite describe this guitar.  A ES-336 guitar from the Custom division with uber flame maple body and a beautiful Tangerine Burst finish.  NMC HSC $3495.

Gibson ES-135 1996 - One of my favorite Gibson's to play the blues.  This semi-hollow body has a sunburst finish, cutaway, and two P100 pickups.  The internal maple center block is not connected to the guitar's back, so it has a rounder tone.  VGC+, HSC $1195.

Gibson L-50 late 30s - This is one you don't see very often.  A early version of the acoustic L-50 archtop when it was only less than 15 inches wide on the lower bout and had a round soundhole, instead of F-holes.  Think old times blues, Robert Johnson-style.  That's the vibe it gives off.  Hope to get this one on the sales floor very soon.  VGC-, HSC $2195.

Ibanez AF-200 Prestige 2014 - The Japanese-made Prestige series has produced some nice instruments.  Here's a 16-inch sunburst archtop with a maple body and spruce top that will not disappoint you at the gig.  EC, HSC $1195.

Ibanez AM-205 Prestige 2014 -  A maple semi-hollowbody offering with a violin sunburst finish.  The smaller body makes it extremely comfortable to play.  EC, HSC $1195.

Harmony H1215 1957 - A cool old acoustic archtop guitar from the 50s in a sunburst finish and that actually plays great!  VGC+, SC $250.

Rickenbacker 360-12MG 2005 - This is as clean as a natural 360 12-string can be.  You gotta come down and play this one if you like the Beatles or the Byrds.  IT IS THE SOUND!  NMC, HSC $1850.

Vega C-71 Dual Tron 1940s - This blonde, non-cutaway, 16 inch, electric archtop is pretty cool.  It has a large tortoise guard, plastic covered pickup, and volume/tone controls mounted to the tailpiece.  EC, HSC $2195.


Electric Archtops and Semi-Hollow Body Guitars