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Electric Basses
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Fender 62 Reissue Precision Bass recent - The Precision Bass changed popular music with it's introduction in 1957.  Back then it resembled the Telecaster with it's slab ash body and maple neck/finger board.  The 1962 version took it's cue from the Stratocaster with it's contoured body shape, maple neck, rosewood finger board, and a split coil pickup design.  MC, HSC $1495.

Fender Modern Player Dimension Bass 2014 - A different look for Fender with a slightly wider lower bout and a single triple coil pickup.  Need a no nonsense bass?  This one fits the bill nicely.  EXC, NC $225.

Ibanez SR300 DX Bass 2004 - Here's a great bass to start off with.  It features dual pickups with active preamp controls for maximum sound.  EC, GB $225.

Larrivee B-02 Acoustic Bass 2000 - Don't see too many acoustic basses of this kind of quality show up on our door step lately.  But here it is...  I believe it features a solid spruce top and solid Sapele sides/back.  It is powered by a Fishman pickup system.  EC, HSC $595.