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Epiphone Les Paul Standard Elitist 2006 - A special edition of Japanese made Epiphones called the Elitist Series.  These guitars were a step above the Korean made version of the day and nearly on par with their American made counterparts.  EC, HSC $695.

Fender 62 Reissue Jazzmaster recent - The Jazzmaster has quite a small devoted following among the younger players locally.  This one is finished in Olympic White with a tortoise style pickguard.  The offset wrist on the body makes this a very comfortable guitar to sit with.  The larger pickups have a warmer character meant to entice the jazz guitarist.  MC, OHSC $1995.

Fender Freddie Tavares Aloha Stratocaster 1994 Number 1 of 153
A tribute to one of Leo Fender's longtime employees.  The hollow aluminum body features an anodized finish with Hawaiian scene graphics.  It features all the paper work, plus a deluxe custom blue leather gig bag and a special SKB molded flight case.  MC OGB and OHSC  $15,000.


Fender Highway One Stratocaster recent - A more recent version of the Highway One with a large headstock and metallic green refinish.  This one was upgraded with EMG pickups and black pearloid pickguard.  EC, GB $595.

Fender Japan Jaguar Special 2007 -  Made for the Japanese market, this "Crafted for Japan" model has a black finish with matching headstock and two full size humbucking pickups.  EC, GB $525.

Fender Mexico Classic 60s Stratocaster 1998 - Another Mexi Strat that you don't mind taking to the gig.  This one is in Shell Pink and has a  rosewood fingerboard.  EC, GB $395.

Fender Stratocaster circa. 1956 - An older two-tone sunburst Strat that has an old refinish with mostly original hardware.  VGC+, HSC $CALL OR EMAIL FOR MORE INFO.

Fernandes S-style Solidbody - This one has a metallic green finish, maple fingerboard, and gold hardware.  NMC, GB $395.

G&L SC-3 1987 - This model features a ash body with a vintage sunburst, white pickguard, 3 pickups, maple neck with rosewood fretboard. EC, HSC  $995.

PRS Custom 24 Bonnie Pink 1990 -  This amazing guitar is in the extremely rare Bonni Pink finish made for longtime PRS friend and associate Bonni Lloyd. stunning flame maple top.  Includes a second backplate signed by Bonni.  MC, HSC $8500.

PRS Standard 1994 - It has a surf green finish on a all-mahogany body, and moon inlays.  Very unique and cool looking. EC, HSC $2750.


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