Set-ups, Modifications and Repairs

Set-up and Adjustments

Island Guitars

 At Island Guitars, we offer a free set-up for all new instruments that we sell. A well-setup guitar will play well all the way up and down the neck, with no buzzing frets. It won’t require excessive hand pressure to play bar chords, and it will look and play up to it’s potential.

The stresses of changing weather conditions, the pull of the strings, and the relative fragility of the thin woods that are needed in order to resonate with rich tone can negatively impact the playability of any instrument. Combine these factors with the reality that many factory-made guitars come with a less-than-ideal setup to begin with, the need for fine tuning your instrument becomes apparent. And even the finest custom instruments will benefit from an occasional tune-up, just like a high end sports car.

A basic setup will include checking and setting the amount of bow in the neck, called relief, by adjusting the truss rod. The action (string height above the frets) will be checked and adjusted at the first and twelfth frets. This is accomplished by making adjustments to the nut and saddle. Frets are also leveled and re-crowned and polished as necessary.
We are able to perform many common procedures such as crack repairs, re-gluing or replacement of bridge, braces or binding, re-fretting, saddle and/or nut replacement, and wiring/switch troubleshooting and repair.
We also perform many popular modifications to enhance and improve the performance of your instrument. Popular procedures include installing or replacing acoustic or electric pickups, tuning machine upgrades, bone saddle and nut installations, and strap pin installations.
Pete's Repair Projects
A photo illustrated look at some of Pete's repair projects. The insiders view of the mysterious art of instrument repair.