About Us

Jim Danz, Senior Partner, administration, sales
Peter Bond, Repair Manager, sales
Neil Shimabukuro, Senior Partner, administration, sales

Michael Staats, sales
      A consummate collector, Jim previously enjoyed success dealing in collectable coins. His love of guitars led him to start collecting and trading vintage instruments in 1972.
     By the mid 70's Jim had established himself as an expert in vintage guitars and repairs. He handled all of the vintage guitar sales and acoustic instrument repairs at the Solder Joint, one of the most well known shops in Honolulu from 1979 to 1980. He was then retained by a major music store in Honolulu, which led to greater success and the opening of his own business, Jim's Guitar Corner, in late 1980.
     In 1984, Island Guitars opened it's doors at 76 North King Street. Since moving to the Ward Warehouse in May of 1996, Island Guitars has established itself as the largest guitar store in the state of Hawaii.
   Neil's love of music began in the 70's. He started playing guitar in 1978 and was hooked. Neil was a fixture at Island Guitars from the beginning, and by 1987, Neil had signed on as co-owner.
   With Neil's addition to the helm, the store's momentum towards success began. Neil brought with him a vast knowledge of electric instruments and amplifiers which meshed perfectly with Jim's expertise of acoustic instruments. Under this newly formed partnership, a foundation was set and a vision of what a music store should be evolved.
   These days, Neil's responsibilities account for the major portion of the administrative duties, but Neil can still be found out on the floor sharing his extensive knowledge with customers.

Island Guitars

   Peter joined Island Guitars in 1993 as a highly respected repair technician.  His love of music started early, playing guitar at 13, beginning a lifelong passion for the instrument. 
   He attended the Guitar Research and Development Academy in Vermont, where he learned the ins and outs of guitar craftsmanship and built his first instruments.
   Peter became a major figure in the local band scene in the '80s and '90s, playing in such popular bands Hat Makes The Man, Spiny Norman, and Oriental Love Ring.  He also brings with him years of retail experience as manager of a major record store in Honolulu.
Nate Hatico, Floor Manager, sales
   Nate is the "lefty" on our staff, so he's used to doing things upside down and backwards.  Being a fingerstylist, he also firmly believes that "picks are for kids."
   He and his musical partner Katy Furuya, known as TWO IN TIME,  were featured on the Homegrown 97 CD, and have released two indie projects.
   Nate created and maintains the Island Guitars website and manages social media marketing efforts.
   At 6 ft. tall, (6 ft. 8 inches with his hair) Michael previously worked as an assistant manager for at House of Music for 10 years.
   He frequently performs stand-up comedy at various local comedy clubs,  having worked with the likes of Judy Tenuta and the lae Rodney Dangerfield. 
   Like the rest of us, Michael has a great love for the guitar.  His professionalism and enthusiasm will make you feel welcome.

Onipaa Gaudia, sales
  Oni is the youngest member of our staff and a big Fender Jazzmaster fan.  Don't let his youth fool you.  He's knowledgable and passionate about the guitar just like the rest of us.