Electric Archtop

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Aria Pro II FA71 2002 – A very nice Johnny Smith-style archtop with a floating pickup on a 17 inch maple body. EC, HSC $895.

Epiphone Deluxe Zephyr Regent circa 1947 – An interesting example of a Epiphone archtop from the 1940s. A 17 inch maple body with a hand carved spruce top and cutaway. The single replacement P90 pickup in the center position is coupled with a volume/tone control. VGC NC $1995.

Gibson L-50 late 30s – This is one you don’t see very often. A early version of the acoustic L-50 archtop when it was only less than 15 inches wide on the lower bout and had a round soundhole, instead of F-holes. Think old times blues, Robert Johnson-style. That’s the vibe it gives off. Hope to get this one on the sales floor very soon. VGC-, HSC $2195.

Gibson Custom ES-446s 1999 – Produced in the Custom Division, this ES-446 has a carved spruce top and a chambered thin-line mahogany body. Equipped with ’57 Classic pickups, the guitar is a definitely a jazz guitar that focuses on playability and comfort for the player. EC, HSC $2495.

Taylor T5 Custom 2006 – Anything with Hawaiian Koa wood will attract attention, and this T5 is no exception. If you need one guitar for your gig to give you great acoustic tones and credible electric tones, this is the only one that can do it all. EC, HSC $1895.

Vega C-71 Dual Tron 1940s – This blonde, non-cutaway, 16 inch, electric archtop is pretty cool. It has a large tortoise guard, plastic covered pickup, and volume/tone controls mounted to the tailpiece. EC, HSC $2195.